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BCA Beginner's Saxophone Band

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Battalion Christian Academy

National School Choice Day 2016 from Battalion Christian Academy

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Assembly Programs

Assembly Programs are held every Monday and Friday morning in the sanctuary of our church.  Students lead the worship service as well as hear and participate in the ministry of the Word of God.


Corporate Worship

On the third Sunday in January and in May, we invite parents, relatives, friends, teachers, and students to join with our church family in corporate worship.   This is a refreshing experience as parents experience what our students experience on a daily basis in this Christian school.


The Arts

Students take piano, band, dance, and drama classes as part of their talent pool.  This culminates with a music recital in the spring.  Students also showcase their talents at our Christmas Spectacular and other school ? sponsored events. 

Multicultural Day

Several cultures are represented at Battalion Christian Academy.  As a result, we set aside a Multicultural Day where we celebrate the diversity of our student and parent body.  Students and parents feature dress, food, dances, and share information from the various cultures that are represented. 

Career Day

Career Day is an exciting time at BCA when professionals from the community are invited to share information about their careers with our students.  Our students are well prepared to ask questions about career preparations, salaries, and mobility. 

Book Fair

In order to promote literacy in BCA, students participate in our annual Book Fair sponsored by Scholastic Inc. 

Field Day

Our annual field day in June is an exciting time where our students, parents, and teachers demonstrate their athletic skills by participating in track and field events at Prospect Park.  Every student is a member of one of four teams ? The Blue Jays, The Red Robins, The Yellow Canaries, and The Green Hummingbirds.  Everyone anticipates that their team will take the trophy.

Science Fair

Every year students from Grade 1 through Grade 5 participate in our science fair where they create and display science projects based on the science curriculum for the grade.  Winners receive awards at our Awards Ceremony.

Technology Classes

BCA features a well-equipped computer lab where students are involved in computer-assisted instruction, word processing, creating spreadsheets, power point presentations, and web-based activities.  Teachers will soon be using smart boards to enhance their instruction in various curriculum areas. 

Shool Trips

Trips are an integral part of the curriculum at BCA.  Teachers arrange trips for students at various cultural institutions and other places of interest locally as well as outside on NYC.  Students are prepared for these trips through brochures and classroom discussions in order to maximize their learning.  After each trip, students have the opportunity to discuss what they learned.

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